Twister Ceiling Crystal Chandelier Set with Matching Waterfall Wall Twister Lights

This was a large Crystal Twister Chandelier project for a client in the Middle East who wanted matching Spiral Chandeliers to go throughout the entire mansion. We created and installed three Ceiling Twister Chandeliers for the Kuwait home and complemented the Main Hall Waterfall Chandelier with two spectacular matching Wall Twister Lights.

Each frame was individually packed in certified treated wooden crates ready for International Shipping. 

There we two massive Crystal Spiral Chandeliers, the Main Hall chandelier was 4m long! The matching wall lights alone were 2.5m long to give an idea of the scale on this custom project. 

The Large Spiral Staircase Twister Chandelier was a whopping 10m long! 

At this level there are not many manufacturers capable of producing frames of this size. There are just not many frame makers with the skills or ability to put these together, make them nicely and in a format that can ship. You may want to call our specialist team for some advise if you have a particularly large lighting project. 

See images pictured of the production of the chandelier frames to give an idea of the size of this job, it was a really cool project to work on and the results were amazing. Our client was most pleased. 

Global Shipping and Installation available Worldwide.
No project is too big for Mallory Custom Lighting!