Starburst Quartz Rock Crystal Chandelier Sputnik-style Chandelier with custom option

This is our fabulous, unique, interpretation of the iconic mid-century Sputnik chandelier, first showcased in Venice in the 1950s. 

In place of the original glass prisms, ours arms are made with white quartz, known more familiarly as rock crystal. Rock crystal is a naturally occurring quartz which is fundamentally clear, but it will usually contain traces of other elements, depending on where it is sourced, and so no two pieces will ever look the same. Your light will be totally unique to you.

Please get in touch with us if you would prefer a different metal frame, or a custom size. The metal here is a rustic brass, but if you would prefer a sharper modern look, we can offer you chrome or shiny gold, for example. We have made a few of these fabulous chandeliers for customers in different parts of the world. You can see photos of them here, in situ, in different sizes and styles.

Diameter : 75 cm