Dazzling Trio of Large Asfour Crystal Custom Empire Chandeliers Featured in St. Albans Hall

Working with St Albans town council we were assigned this task and had to get approval from English Heritage to carry out the task so that it would pass and fit in with the current heritage decor. 

This made for a very detailed brief right down to the smallest detail of how the metal work had to be carried out for council approval - as shown in the imagery you can see it was a task of calculated planning and precision execution. The end result - a magnificent masterpiece.  

They were such large chandeliers that we had to build them on site and then winch them up to the very tall ceiling heights. They needed quite a substantial anchor point as you can imagine with plenty of preparation. Large chandeliers such as this usually are built on site due to access restrictions. 

Made with the best crystal on the market, the Asfour Crystal trio of empire chandeliers can be seen dazzling as feature pieces in St. Albans hall. 

We are currently unable to supply Swarovski Crystal as the company are no longer supplying to anyone. It is not available on the market anymore. 

Therefore we are able to provide a solution for a Swarovski Crystal alternative of either Asfour Crystal (best on the market) or Scholer Crystal, another very high quality crystal available. These are the two best Crystals available on the market in the world currently. 

 This product can be shipped globally as a flat pack unit. 

1.6m Diameter
2200m Height
Weighing a whopping 150kg Each