Classic Two Tier Murano Glass Pastoral Chandelier In Clear Crystal

A Classic Murano Glass Pastoral Chandelier with handcrafted Murano Art Glass flowers and leaves in clear crystal seen pictured here in the residence of our client.

What is interesting about this piece is that each of the arms is blown with one single piece of art glass. Starting off as a single glass bubble it is then blown, twisted and sculpted to create each individual glass arm.

There is a limit to which you can go with the size of a single arm in one piece before it then has to change to a system where it is mounted onto a metal frame. Once it is on a metal frame it then becomes what is called a "Rezzonico Chandelier". Although a Rezzonico Chandelier changes the style slightly, by having the metal frame there, it allows you to go to absolutely enormous chandelier diameters and the frame takes the weight. 

In order to create a similar Pastoral piece such as this in a larger size, you'd be hitting the limits at around 1.9m Diameter with single blown arm glass elements. 

If you have a unique design you would like to create, contact us today for a quote. We can make your creative ideas a reality. 

Weight - 80kg
1.6m Diameter
2.2m Width