Solid Glass Spiral Horn Hanging Lights Chandelier for Hallway / Entrance with Soda Bubble Effect

A beautifully unique project with a lovely soda bubbled effect embedded throughout each glass element creating a glistening eye catching finish.  We made two of these for a private client and provided a full installation service. 

Each individual Glass Spiral Horn element is hand crafted out of solid glass and contains thousands and thousands of little air bubbles to give the desired effect, this is achieved by putting soda in the glass during the production!

By creating this alchemic reaction in the glass it means that when you shine an LED light into the element it lights up the whole horn creating a very beautiful effect. The ceiling rose was custom made from Stainless Steel meaning there will never be any rusting or oxidisation before we added it's final finish of a striking champagne colour. A lovely hanging light for dining room, hallway, stairwell or lounge. 

See pictured two other examples of very similar unique projects we have custom created using the same effect for two slightly different Hanging Light Stairwell Chandeliers. One of which was installed onto a custom frame to hang underneath a skylight which looked pretty spectacular during the day and night. 

Each project is bespoke and can be customised and tailored to suit your ownj unique design and needs.

We ship worldwide and installations can be arranged. 

Width - 1200cm
Height - 2200cm
Weight - 70kg each

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