Angled Ceiling Lights Heavyweight Chandelier Solution - Spiral Murano Glass Prism Hallway Chandelier

We often get clients call about a solution for an angled ceiling chandelier..

As you can see from one of our angled pendant light projects here, we were able to install this Murano Glass Spiral Heavyweight Murano Glass Prism Chandelier using our fantastic custom ceiling rose. The perfect solution for your angled ceiling lights. 

This specialist slanted ceiling lights fixture is able to hold weight of up to 4000kg - that's 4 tonnes!

A really elegant finish for anyone needing a chandelier set at an angle in your hallway. The perfect angled ceiling solution. 

Spiral Chandelier Specs:
Size - 2m x 45cm
Weight - 120kg
Heavyweight Light Fixture for slanted ceiling:
Chrome finish
Supports: up to 4000kgs

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